Pokemon ROM Hacks

Below is a list of my favorite fan-made ROM Hacks that I’ve played. If you’re a pokemon fan and want to change up the game a little bit, these ROM hacks are perfect for you! They can include new story lines, new mechanics, higher difficulties, and much more! List will be updated as I collect and try out new ROMs.

If you’re unfamiliar with ROM hacking, they’re custom made Pokemon games done by fans, that use the Pokemon engine, but with custom stories, regions, and even new Pokemon! It’s a really refreshing way to play Pokemon, since sometimes the main series can get old. ROM Hacks breathe fresh life into the series, and help challenge veteran players! However, if you are not an experienced player, be sure to read the descriptions, since some of these ROM hacks can be extremely challenging, and require the player to build very good teams in order to progress. If you’re looking for a challenge, be sure to check out Emerald Kaizo or Radical Red! Those will keep you on your toes.

Many of these ROM hacks have new mechanics that make the game much more enjoyable. My favorite thing they do is the small quality of life changes, like not requiring your Pokemon to learn HM moves. That’s one thing I think the main series could learn from ROM hackers. No one wants to have to carry around Pokemon just for HMs! Many of them also streamline training, so you can enable/disable EVs and IVs, if you don’t like to spend lots of time having to worry about those. I hope you find the perfect ROM hack for you!

You can also find original Pokemon games, here!

ROM Hacks List

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