Pokemon Silver NTEVO ROM

This is the Pokemon Silver NTEVO ROM. It is a ROM hack created so that all the Pokemon can evolve, without needing to trade them. They are given alternative ways to evolve. Finally you can evolve Onix into Steelix, Scyther into Scizor, Machoke into Machamp, and much more! See the full list of evolution methods here.

Normally, you have to trade certain Pokemon to evolve, but in this ROM, you can evolve all of them with no problem. This is perfect for people playing on emulators who cannot easily trade with someone. The Pokemon you can get are awesome, too. For example, Steelix is a huge tank. Scizor will destroy most teams with his speed and attack. It’s definitely the superior way to play the game! If you want a tough challenge, this one can be tricky to Nuzlocke. You’ll definitely need some heavy hitters and a good strategy to get through this Gen 2 Pokemon game using Nuzlocke Rules.

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