Pokemon Platinum NTEVO ROM

In this Pokemon Platinum NTEVO ROM, you can evolve any Pokemon you want, without needing to trade. Having to trade is annoying, so in this version it is patched out. People with emulators rejoice! Trading on an emulator is hard and sometimes impossible! Finally you can evolve Kadabra into Alakazam, Electabuzz into Electivire, Magmar into Magmortar, and much more!


Below are some of the new features in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl.

  • Physical Special split: This was one of the most significant changes in the new Pokemon games. Prior to Generation 4, physical and special attacks were assigned to types, so some types were all physical, and some were all special. I always loved this change, cause you can now have fast, hard hitting fire types, for example. It really changed the types of Pokemon that they could add into the game, since they’re no longer limited by typing.
  • New Pokemon: 107 new Pokemon were added. Many of these are still some of my favorite today.
  • New Evolution Items added.
  • Day/Night cycle: I always loved this change. Especially since it came with awesome graphics updates and dynamic shadows and light.
  • Poketech: When I got a Nintendo DS, I was worried about the second screen. I was worried they’d rely too much on using both screens, but the Poketech was the perfect use for the other screen. It gave the player a set of useful tools that they could always have open when not in battle.
  • Underground: There is now an underground cave to explore and mine for items in this game. I never really used it much, which is nice because you are not required too. If you like this exploration and minigame aspect of the game, then you’ll enjoy the Underground. If you just want to battle, explore, and catch Pokemon, then you can ignore it!

This hack does not include any other changes, the core game is still exactly the same, so you’ll still get that classic gen 4 feel, instead of feeling like you’re on a ROM hack.

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See the full list of evolution methods here.

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