Pokemon Emerald NTEVO ROM

In this Pokemon Emerald NTEVO ROM, you can evolve any Pokemon, without needing to trade! Most of the Pokemon evolve now by reaching a certain level, or reaching a certain level with a specific held item. This makes it easy to build your team, without having to worry about trading.

Emerald is definitely my favorite Pokemon game. It has such a dynamic and interesting world to explore. I’ve played through it a thousand times, and it’s great for Nuzlockes. If you haven’t played Emerald, give it a try!

There are tons of great Pokemon that evolve with trading, so in this game you can really juice up your team! I really like using Scizor, he’s fast and has really interesting typing. Also you cant go wrong with the classic Alakazam or Gengar! These tear through everything in this version of the game. Alakazam is so fast and hits really hard, so he can sweep a team that isn’t ready.

About the Game

Pokemon Emerald is one of the first 3 Pokemon games for Gen 3. It introduced tons of new battle mechanics, like double battles. This generation of Pokemon games really changed the course of development for the series. With 386 Pokemon now, you have a huge selection of different teams to choose from. Pokemon Emerald also has really cool legendary Pokemon like Deoxys, and Rayquaza. It is the definitive Generation 3 Pokemon game, and definitely one of the most popular Pokemon games. Still to this day, people play it all the time. This is personally my favorite game, and the one I have played the most.

Gen 3 brought so many important mechanics. For example, double battles came out, which changed everything. When you first encounter a double battle, it’s a bit weird, but once you start to realize the new opportunity for combo moves, and theory-crafting double battle teams, it adds a whole new element to the game. It can be a bit difficult for your first time in a double battle, since your Pokemon can get combo’d out pretty easily, but that just adds to the challenge.

Pokemon Emerald also added abilities. This has to be one of my favorite updates to Pokemon of all time. Abilities make the game so much more interesting. You can build a whole team around a set of abilities, like Drizzle. Building a rain team is so fun, and a really good way to sweet through the game easily.

By the way…

This is great for people who use emulators, where trading can be difficult or impossible. Now you can finally get those Pokemon you never could the first playthrough! Also I highly recommend checking out the other ROMs we have on this website! We have NTEVO for many generations, as well as ROM hacks that are a great way to play! Please search around and let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for. I usually am able to get it added pretty quickly!

See the full list of evolution methods here.

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