Pokemon Blue NTEVO ROM

This the Pokemon Blue NTEVO ROM. It is a ROM hack created so that all the Pokemon can evolve, without needing to trade them. They are given other ways to evolve. Finally you can evolve Kadabra into Alakazam, Graveler into Golem, Machoke into Machamp, and Haunter into Gengar! See the full list of evolution methods here.

In this ROM, you can build your team in any way you want, without having to worry about trading Pokemon to evolve. The trade evolution Pokemon are really good too! Alakazam has very high special attack, and with Psychic, can one-shot just about any weak Pokemon! Machamp is another one of my favorites. I never got to use him the first time I played Pokemon Blue, but with this ROM I was finally able to evolve Machoke and use Machamp in my team! This is the best way to play the classic Pokemon games on an emulator. Since emulators make it difficult or impossible to trade, it’s better to just have the No Trade Evolution (NTEVO) ROM. I hope you have fun, and enjoy destroying the elite four with Gengar!

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